The Nissan Dogue Coming to West End Nissan Edmonton

Nissan Dogue Edmonton
Do you like dogs? Of course, you do. Even I like dogs, and I can hardly breathe if one comes like 50 feet from me. If you are a dog owner and are searching for a vehicle that best fits both of your needs Nissan has something that is perfect for you

According to Nissan’s research over 80% of the dog owners, they surveyed that canine comfort is a top priority for them in a vehicle. Now, that stat seems a tad bit low to me, but regardless, Dog safety is paramount. Nissan has found a way to make Man’s best friend (or woman’s) as comfortable as their two-legged friends.

Introducing the Nissan Rogue Doge Edition – the only SUV built for your dog.

But what does an SUV made entirely for your dog even look like?

Similar to the X-Trail Dog Edition concept, the Nissan Rogue Dogue focuses on provided a comfortable ride you’re your dog. This specialized Rogue comes chalked full of pup-friendly features. There’s a dog hammock in the back seat, leash anchors, a dog bed, heating vents to keep your dog cozy, and even leash anchors. There is also the option for special ramps that are hidden in the cargo deck of the Rogue that can be pulled out to help give your dog a safer passageway between the back and front seats. There’s also a handy divider if you need to keep your pooch in a particular part of the vehicle.

That all sounds great, but where the Rogue Dogue really shines in how truly committed it is to the doggy lifestyle. It comes with a foldout water and food bowl, a bag dispenser to get rid of your dog’s mess, a first aid kit and even a system that lets you wash your dog, that’s right a full doggy washing kit with a built-in hose, water heater, and even a blow-drying option.

This dog-friendly vehicle is not on the market yet, but it’s safe to say that it will be sometime shortly. The automotive industry has never seen innovation of this kind, and Nissan looks to continue this sort of advancement in the future. Care to see what Nissan has to offer? Stop into West End Nissan today to see our incredible vehicle roster.


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