City of Champions Edmonton - Yay or Nay?

City of Champions Edmonton
A long time ago in what feels like a place far far away, Edmontonians were proud residents of the City of Champions. It was a period that lasted almost 30 years, and they were great years, years filled with triumph and trauma, with wins and losses, with an attitude that felt so specifically Edmonton. And then it was taken away.

In 2015 the city council of Edmonton voted to remove the moniker of “the City of Champions.” 

Sure, it had been a little bit since any of our sports teams had won much, but that’s never what it was about, it was a slogan that embodied the spirit of the entire city. Recently, the debate has risen once again on whether the name should return or stay away for good. It’s been a divisive idea around the city, and one that we hear at West End Nissan would like to shed a little more light on.  To understand what it meant, let’s take a brief look at the slogan’s history.

Originally designed to promote Edmonton as a new tourist location, the term picked up steam from a combination of both the Edmonton Oilers and Eskimos winning their respected championships in 1987. But it wasn’t until then mayor, Laurence Decore used the moniker to describe the city’s response to the dreaded “Black Friday” tornado. We were a community that had been ravaged and experience a great tragedy, and we kept our head up, and we overcame.

It’s an idea that people seem to forget whenever the debate comes to the table. If it wasn’t already clear, we’re on the side of the fence that wants to slogan to return. It’s an attitude that Edmontonians have never dropped, despite the removal of the sign, and with the most recent season of the Edmonton Oilers being so promising, and the Eskimos always in the mix, it’s not unlikely that a championship is in our future. 

Just this past month, the city council shot down the motion to reinstate the slogan, at least for now.  Here at West End Nissan, we support our local sports teams, our local community, and the tradition of our city producing a championship attitude.

West End Nissan believes in the City of Champions. 

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