Introducing Nissan's Signal Shield: A Way To Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Nissan

Are you addicted to your smartphone? It is coming to the point that it's affecting your driving? Well, Nissan is coming up with ways to stop distracted drivers.

Don't worry I feel the same way. Would I die without constant access to a worldwide database of friends, knowledge, and media that I can pull out of my left pants pocket at any given moment? Yes, yes I would.

The fact is, technology is moving faster and becoming more crucial to our lifestyle by the day, and doing so at an exponential rate. It’s not something understand fully; it’s simply evolving too quickly. The automotive industry is struggling to keep up with a populace that walks and drives around with their faces glued to screens. It’s clear that with the implementation of new technology into our daily lives, it’s logical that new problems will arise that we either had not planned for or could not have foreseen. So how do we mitigate that? Well, Nissan is doing it by actively fighting against it.

Introducing, Nissan’s Signal Shield.

What is Nissan’s Signal Shield?

It’s a newly designed compartment integrated into the armrest that aims to block any cell signals from coming in or going out. By placing your phone inside the signal shield chamber, you eliminate the constant reminder other things are going on in your life besides the idiot in front of you that just cut you off. That idiot is who you should be focusing on, not how many likes your latest selfie (or cat pictures if you’re me) is getting.

How does it work?

Using ancient science not properly referenced since the TV show Lost, Nissan has used the same principles as a Faraday Cage, invented by Michael Faraday, with uses conductive metals to protect whatever is inside from a variety of electromagnetic fields. All you need to do is close the lid for the compartment and any notifications for social media, text, calls, or any other alert that uses electromagnetism.This technology is perfect for those of us who have trouble keeping our focus on the round including young adults who are just learning to drive.

The Nissan Signal Shield is more reliable and safer than setting up a Bluetooth connection, while it also leaves the option open to plug your phone into an auxiliary cord so that you can still have that perfect playlist for your drive to work. If the future of socialization is on your smartphone, the future of distracted driving safety is in the Nissan Safety Shield.


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