Do You Know When to Get New Tires?


Eventually, parts on your vehicle wear down, and it's important to recognize when they need to be replaced. That's especially true when it comes to your tires. Healthy tires not only give you a smoother ride, but also a safer ride in Edmonton. Do you know when to get new tires?

  • Are your tires going bald? Meaning, is the tread worn down? When tread wears down too much, your tires can't grip the road as well. That means less effective - and less safe! - handling.
  • Are bulges or cracks forming? This could mean that something inside the tire, like a steel belt, has broken. You'll definitely want to replace it ASAP to avoid a blowout on the highway.
  • Are you feeling vibrations? A lot of things can cause vibrations while you drive, and one of them is damaged, underinflated, or unaligned tires.
  • Are your tires losing air? If you can't find a puncture and you're still losing pressure, it's time for new tires.

If you recognize any of these signs, shop the West End Nissan Tire Store. We'll help you find the perfect set for your vehicle. Shop online today!

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