What’s the Difference between the Nissan Rogue and the Mitsubishi RVR


2017 Rogue
Nissan produces top quality vehicles that are both exciting and intelligent. The Nissan Rogue embodies this idea and takes a strong hold of the crossover vehicle class. The 2017 Rogue provides an athletic and elegant drive you won’t soon forget. 

170 Horsepower
Safety Shield

The 2017 Rogue is a vehicle fueled by innovation. Backed by incredible power, this crossover offers an intelligence suite that is unmatched by any vehicle in its class, with comfort and safety that feels both brilliant and reliable simultaneously. 

2017 RVR 
Mitsubishi vehicles are built to be fun, and while the RVR does provide an enjoyable driving experience, it doesn’t do much else. Its creative design and intuitive all-wheel-control do not make up for the fact that the RVR feels like it was a vehicle left in the past, both in technology and in performance. 

148 Horsepower
MIVEC engine
710-watt Rockford Fosgate Punch audio system
Mitsubishi 10-year warranty

The 2017 Mitsubishi RVR is successful in the fact that it both looks and feels like a Mitsubishi vehicle. Though it lacks the intelligence to stand up against the Nissan Rogue, it’s still a head above most of its competition. 

When it comes down to it, these two crossover vehicles are both considered great successes. The Rogue offers more power and precision in its drive than any trim of the RVR, while also providing a lot more technology. Sure, the RVR is fun, but the Rogue’s tech suite makes it so you can completely customize your drive. While on the surface it seems like these two vehicles are closely comparable, in reality, the Rogue stands a head above. 

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