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Nissan is always innovating, always creating new and exciting things. It’s part of what makes them stand out. Nissan isn’t afraid of being different. They take the familiar and flip it on its head. They’re already one of the most diverse automotive names, with vehicles that range from a compact sedan, the Nissan Micra, to the highly-capable Titan XD, to the legendary GT-R. They’ve expanded on that, dipping their toe into the crossover SUV market. Their new vehicle, which looks to make a big splash in a highly competitive market, embodies everything thing you’ve come to expect from a Nissan vehicle. It offers bold styling, incredible performance, and technology that is of the most advanced in the industry. It’s a vehicle that will be turning heads.

Introducing, the 2018 Nissan Kicks.

Let’s take a closer look.

How’s it look

The 2018 Kicks looks and feels like a Nissan vehicle, while simultaneously doing its own thing. It’s a vehicle built on customization, with the Kicks Colour Studio allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and themes. It’s got a rounded, sculpted body shape with clean-cut accent lines running through it, making it look like its flexing. It’s got a stout and commanding front end, a wide mouth with the Nissan emblem planted dead center inside of the Nissan V-motion grille, as well as subtlety sloping backend with LED taillights and a colorized roof that is the perfect finish to a one of a kind silhouette.

The interior features a tech-heavy design, with enough foot and headroom via a flat floor design to seat five people backed in without being uncomfortable. The Kicks as an interior molding that is expertly crafted, with premium materials lining the seats and front dash. The exterior theme and colour extend to the interior as well, with matching accent lines in the seating that go perfectly with whatever choice you make from the Kicks Colour Studio. It’s a pretty picture you can paint yourself.

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How’s it feel

The 2018 Nissan Kicks offers an advanced engine design and a lightweight frame to provide you an uncanny level of power from such a petite frame. The Kicks gets away with this by using intelligence to power its engine and driving systems. The Kicks also features an array of innovative technology, all designed to help you enjoy your drive. Its internal systems are run by NissanConnect, a phone-based car app that connects you to a variety of Nissan exclusive services. NissanConnect also links you to a variety of Nissan exclusive audio features including SiriusXM satellite radio, which can be heard through an immaculate set of BOSE audio speakers. Factor in Nissan’s active and passive safety features such as Advanced Drive-Assist Display and a Rearview Mirror and you have one of the smartest vehicles driving on Edmonton roads.

The 2018 Nissan Kicks is due to arrive this spring! 

Come to West End Nissan or book a test drive with one of our amazing vehicles today! 

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