SPOTLIGHT - Nissan Midnight Edition

Big things are coming!

Nissan has also been a brand that does things differently. They aren’t afraid of making bold moves, or sweeping changes. It suffices to say that Nissan is a big fan of innovation. Here at West End Nissan, we’re excited about all the new innovation that Nissan has brought forward. We support Nissan as a brand and back their creative choices. They haven’t steered us wrong yet.

Nissan isn’t afraid to go dark.

Introducing the 2018 Midnight Edition.

1272 × 285

Nissan wants you to unleash the darkness with our line of gorgeous Midnight edition vehicles.  This special edition is exclusive to Nissan and provides an additional styling and aesthetic option to the Rogue, the Murano, and the Pathfinder. What the Midnight Edition gives you is a distinct black low to the aluminum-alloy wheels and mirrors, which makes a bold statement on its own. It continues this trend with black accents in the form of roof rails, crossbars, and splash guards. They also come with a limited edition black V-motion grille. 

Nissan also offers the Midnight Edition to go along with the 2018 Frontier and Titan. With those, you get glossy black aluminum-alloy wheels, gloss-black grille, matching dark interiors, and for the Titan, you get the exclusive dark headlights and black step rails to match.

1268 × 278

No matter which of these three marvelous vehicles you choose, the Midnight Edition ensures that your ride will be mysterious, have a stronger presence, and have more attitude than anything else driving on Edmonton roads. 

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