The Nissan 370Zki shows a new way to tackle snowy trails and slopes

Nissan takes their popular roadster where its never been before

Nissan delivers exciting news for off-road winter enthusiasts with the unveiling of the 370Zki at this year's Chicago Auto Show. Pronounced 370-ski, this unique concept vehicle celebrates all things ice and snow with a futuristic hardcore snowmobile design. They modified a stock 2018 Nissan 370Z to travel where it never has before - off-road through pristine frosted forests, down slippery slopes, and over snow-covered trails.

What does it take to turn a sports car into an all-terrain convertible?

Turning one of the world's most popular roadsters into a trail-taming beast took a few modifications, to say the least. To start, Nissan removed the car's drivetrain. Next, they installed a 3-inch lift kit, widened the wheel wells, moved the brake lines, and rerouted the exhaust. All this was done to make room for the America Track Truck, Inc. rear DOMINATOR tracks and front skis. The custom-mounted 332-hp engine needed protection from slope damage so a front skid plate was added as well.

Completing the design with a custom wrap from Icon Image Graphics and tinting the lights yellow to simulate the look of goggles fully captured the winter theme Nissan was trying to achieve with this fun and adventurous vehicle. Sneak a peek at the finished design. Maybe it's winter Olympic fever, but the colours are quite similar to those showcased on the superhero-inspired ski suits the athletes wear. Just a thought.

Nissan made sure the 370Zki performed as good as it looked

Nissan even put the 370Zki through its paces to make sure it could thoroughly shred some snow. They unleashed it on the wintry slopes of Wyoming where its performance proved itself without question. Check out for yourself how well it handled winter's wrath.

Built for oohs and ahs but not for sale at your local Nissan dealership

The creative team at Nissan delivered two winter-concept vehicles to the 2018 Chicago Car Show this year. On display with the 370Zki is the Nissan Armada Snow Patrol SUV. Both vehicles were specifically created for this show and sadly are not available for sale...yet. While they are not likely to head to production anytime soon, you can always hope, right? But you can check out the incredible performance of Nissan's 2018 370Z or terrain-conquering Armada by visiting West End Nissan in Edmonton.Schedule a test drive today and experience the fun and excitement for yourself.

Thank you, Nissan, for stirring our imaginations with this powder-carving duo of 2018 concept vehicles. With winter's heavy hand still holding Edmonton in its grip, dreaming about a way to enjoy the cold by taking a snowy backroad adventure is a great way to pass the time until spring arrives. That's when an actual ride in a traditional convertible seems like a more viable option.

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