Nissan Innovates with Self-Driving car!

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Nissan is one of the most innovative automotive brands in the entire world. They are always at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. Much like most mechanical based industries, the future in automotive, whether we like or not, revolves around machines that can perform a task in a safer and more efficient way. That future is today. The self-driving car has arrived and has been put to use successfully in a variety of markets around the world.

Nissan has made the first move in acquiring an autonomous vehicle service. The industry is dominated by Uber, Lyft, and other vehicle companies, and Nissan is looking to break into the self-driving car industry in a big way.

Nissan is doing it their own way and will be the first major vehicle company to create the technology themselves from the ground up. They are partnering up with famed Japanese game platform DeNA Co, to begin testing its Easy Ride service in Japan this month. Easy Ride is a Japan-based Nissan service that is designed to feel more like a personal chauffeur than your typical cab ride, using innovative technology inside the vehicle to recommend restaurants, music, and local attractions to those that use it. Easy ride is set to launch in 2020. 

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