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What Do Car Tire Size Numbers Mean?

Most car owners will need to change their vehicle's tires at some point in its life. Shopping for tires requires an understanding of the code used to express tire sizes.

An example tire size is P185/75 R14 98 W. There are six elements to this code. First is a letter that indicates the tire's class. The next three-digit number that is the tire's tread width. The second number is the tire's aspect ratio.

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Headlights More Than Just A Bulb

Headlights on newer vehicles are far more than just a lamp for a car. They are modern marvels of technology that greatly improve driving safety. Not only are there different bulbs for different functions, there is additional technology to help the direct the light or adjust its brightness as needed. Here at West End Nissan in Edmonton, AB, we are fully qualified to repair all aspects of your vehicles headlights.



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Don't Settle for Streaks in Your Windshield

When it comes to your windshield, you need to get the best wipers for the job. You need to use winter wipers in the winter and summer ones in the summer. You can use summer ones in the winter but you will end up blowing through you summer blades in no time, and the results will not be good.

Winter wiper blades at designed to be used in the winter months and will withstand all that old man winter has to throw at them. They are much more flexible and they are also stronger than summer wiper blades. They also…
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Why Should Edmonton Drivers Use Genuine Nissan Parts Instead of Aftermarkets?


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A meal is only as good as the ingredients. A basketball team is only as good as the players. Likewise, your repair is only as good as the parts. When you pop the hood of your Nissan, make sure you're using genuine Nissan parts from the West End Nissan Parts Centre.

So, why should Edmonton drivers use genuine Nissan parts instead of aftermarkets? First of all, the quality of genuine Nissan parts is much higher than aftermarket parts.

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Nissan Qashqai and V Motion Coming To West End Nissan Edmonton

2017 is going to be a big year for Nissan. 2016 was a huge year, with the newly designed Nissan Frontier and Titan buffing up an already impression vehicle roster, so it’s not unreasonable to question whether Nissan can top it. But, it’s Nissan’s goal to be constantly changing, to continue to innovate. It’s an ideal that West End Nissan wants to emulate.

With that, over the next 12 months, Wets End Nissan will be bringing you two new innovations from the Nissan brand. Those innovations come in the form of two new vehicles; The Nissan…

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