Meet Your Match

West End Nissan is a dealership that gets straight to the point. What that means is that we don't do the typical dealership dance. We're a dealership that has developed a culture that feels different. No pressure, no tricks. It is our goal to get you behind the wheel of the perfect vehicle as soon as we can. For that we need to match you up with the perfect sales associate. We recognize that different people have different needs when it comes to buying a vehicle and because of that we employ a very diverse sales staff. So before you come in, meet our sales associates here: 

Nathan Griffith

I am one of the internet managers or as I like to call it: a Professional Multitasking Wizard. What I love about my job is that there is always something on the go. I joke about how I am accessible 24/7 for my customers, but the truth is I give out my personal cellphone and when you call at 12:00 am, I always answer.

As a Multitasking Wizard, I am required to do more with less, have my phone pressed against my ear, both hands on the keyboard at all times, be in three places at once and smile until it hurts. If you are still reading this far you've probably now realized I sound just like every other dedicated Albertan and that's because I am. I am a hardworking, well dressed, obviously hilarious twenty-five year old with a great head of hair (ok maybe that last part was a lie). Sales is not about selling for me, it's about building long-lasting relationships in which I invest a part of my life into my customers. The Sale doesn't stop when you take the vehicle off the lot, the sale stops when you tell me to stop wishing you happy birthday 3 years later. By that time I've already helped your parents, family, friends, and enemies buy cars and paid you $300 cash for each one so you're pretty happy.

What you get from coming to me is second to none, I promise a no pressure experience in which I will provide you with all of the information up front that you need to make an informed and exciting purchase with! There are no hoops to jump through with West End Nissan and you don't need to take a test before you test drive, simply call and ask to speak with Nathan and have everything else taken care of before you even step in the doors!

*Mic drop*
Tony Howell

West End Nissan is like  home to me. it is the first and only place I have ever sold vehicles, beginning my sales career here back in 2005.  I have had the privilege of winning  Salesman of the Year 7 times, along with Employee of the Year.

My favorite sport is football I'm the proud father of Markus Howell who won the Grey Cup with Calgary stampeders in 2008, now he is the receivers coach for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

I like to provide all my customers with the best possible buying experience they can have in order to assist them in making an informed and intelligent decision. 

I am very proud of the services and selection we have to offer, please feel free to drop by I will be happy to personally answer your questions.

Mohamed Abdi

I have been working at West End Nissan for 2  years and I enjoy it very much. For me personally,  it's all about the interacting with the  people and having fun. I have been told  that I am a very jovial person with a big heart and a big laugh. I am well-travelled and fluent in 5 different languages, Arabic, Swahili, Hindi, French, Somali and English.

I have been in the customer service industry for 15 years prior to coming to West End Nissan and by far this place stands out as the most customer oriented business out there. I take great pride in finding the right vehicle for everyone who comes to visit me. It pleases me to always go the extra mile for my customers.  

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