XTRONIX CVT on the Altima, Juke, Maxima, Micra, Murano, Pathfinder, Rogue and Sentra

In the day and age of high gas prices and cheaply made, lower priced vehicles that handle and drive much like a shopping cart on a gravel road, Nissan has taken the steps to alleviate both shaky rides and expensive gas with an old technology made new again. In 2002 they became one of the first manufacturers to include Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on many of their new passenger vehicles; a technology that needed to be remodelled and redeveloped using new research and manufacturing techniques.

It worked.

Since then Nissan has become one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturers in North America. With an ever increasing product line that includes cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs there is sure to be a Nissan out there for everyone.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and your requirements happen to include something with a smoother ride and greater fuel economy, then consider driving a Nissan today. With CVT technology being featured on the Altima in Edmonton, Cube, Juke in Edmonton, Maxima in Edmonton, Micra in Edmonton, Murano in Edmonton, Pathfinder in Edmonton, Rogue in Edmonton and Sentra in Edmonton you are sure to find a vehicle to fit your lifestyle, no matter how busy it is.

Branded exclusively as Nissan's XTRONIC Continuously Variable Transmission all vehicles running the CVT motor offer even shifting and a constant flow of power, bringing in a new generation of automatic transmission. With conventional automatics typically featuring five or six gears the CVT utilizes a singular steel belt/pulley system to move the gear ratio up and down in one smooth motion. While in previous transmissions the more gears you had the better your transmission was with new CVT technology no gear ratios exist.

If you are able to picture a bicycle pulley system that has cones connected by a chain then you are able to see how the CVT transmission operates. The cones move based on several factors such as how much gas you are giving it, vehicle speed, and engine speed; constantly adjusting the diameter the belt operates at to find the perfect mix of speed and fuel economy.

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Nissan has made a promise

What this means is no more shifting in the traditional sense of the word, Nissan vehicles such as the new Nissan Altima or Micra which both feature a CVT transmission will help you avoid gear-hunting as well as shift-shock. Gear-hunting being the feeling in an automatic transmission when it is searching for a specific gear and not able to find the right one; and shift-shock being the small bump from loss of power when your automatic transmission is switching gears.

This comes especially in handy when driving up hills or spending lots of time on the highway. Because it offers one continuous stream of power without shifting CVTs are able to breeze up hills. On top of this after accelerating to highway speeds the RPM will stay unchanged and give you a steady fuel efficient ride at all times. While not being able to accelerate to high speeds as quickly and quietly as a dual clutch or manual transmission Nissan has made a promise to provide a more economical and efficient line of vehicles. Economical not only with fuel, but also in the sense that by feeling like one infinitely long gear it will keep going longer than traditional transmissions.

The promise and dedication continue as we look further into Nissan XTRONIC CVT technology and find that it has less moving parts, which can reduce friction and heat.  By reducing both of these elements Nissan's transmissions are able to last longer due to less wear and tear. Feeling like one infinitely long gear it will keep going longer than traditional transmissions. In addition, less moving parts also mean that the transmission is lighter which aids in fuel economy and overall performance.

A vehicle that feels better

All of these improvements come together in Nissan's final plan to create a vehicle that feels better the more you drive it. One example includes the Nissan Altima which has become one of the most fuel efficient mid-size sedans available on the market. Rated at 38 MPG on the highway the spacious and affordable mid-size sedan offers a comfortable and practical ride due to its longer wheelbase and expansive frame.

Other highly rated alternatives in the Nissan lineup which feature a CVT include the Nissan Rogue in Edmonton crossover SUV. By offering a large amount of trunk space, AWD for our slippery Alberta winters, and one of the highest fuel economy ratings in its class we have been seeing more and more of these vehicles on our roads every year.

The list continues with the 7-passenger Nissan Pathfinder in Edmonton loaded with technology and luxury features. A vehicle built for both families and adventures. With 260 HP and 240 LB-FT of torque it is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds on your holiday trailer while comfortable fitting all your kids and your dogs. We are confident that this vehicle will be perfect in terms of safety and practicality using new Smart Shield technology that monitors, responds, and protects both the vehicle and passengers.

If you are even a little bit curious about experiencing the CVT transmission for yourself we recommend booking an appointment at your local Nissan dealership. With friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who are able to answer all of your questions, while providing a no pressure environment we recommend West End Nissan to be your next stop.

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