Nissan's Executive Demos

Nissan Executive Demos 

Nissan's Executive Demo Vehicles

Nissan's focus has always been vehicles that are a combination or capable, technological, and fun. They are a brand based around versatility. Because of that, Nissan has steadily grown to become one of the most popular vehicle brands you'll see around the Edmonton area. But while Nissan vehicles are priced in a way that they are affordable, sometimes buying a new car just isn't in the cards. But what if it could be? What if there was a way to get your hands on a Nissan vehicle, without submitting yourself to the stigma that comes with buying a used car. Thankfully, there is.  

Nissan gives you the option in the form of a Nissan Demo vehicle.

What is a demo?

A demo vehicle is a vehicle that is drive by a dealership employee, usually a sales person or manager, for a short period of time, usually under 8,000 kilometers worth of road time.

Why buy a demo?

The first and usually most important reason to buy a demo is the price. Because the vehicle has been previously driven, that vehicle's price is immediately knocked down. 8,000 kilometers is not exactly a lot of wheel time. It's designed to be enough to let the initial driver become familiar with the vehicle, and for the vehicle to be broken in the right amount. That way, when you get into the vehicle, it's in peak operating performance. It's warmed up and ready for you to take over.

Warranty on a demo?

You might be wondering whether that 8,000 kilometers has any impact on the warranty?  It does, but in a positive way. Your warranty only kicks in after the kilometers are already on the vehicle. That means that if you have a 5-year warranty, despite the car not being entirely new, you still get that full five years starting from when you take the vehicle off the lot.

What bonuses does buying a demo offer?

It's in the salespersons' or managers' best interest to drive a vehicle that is equipped with the most amount of technology that Nissan has to offer. Because of that, you often find yourself getting vehicles that are at the highest trim levels that vehicle offers, which means they come fully loaded, but at a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay.

Come on in, and check out the fantastic deals we have to offer.

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