The Dealer with two left feet

It's no secret that the automotive industry doesn't have the best of reputations. Years of bad experiences have rendered customers to have preconceptions about how the experience of walking into a dealership is. Getting bombarded by a flurry of salesmen, constant pressure to buy, swindling sales people that will do anything to close a deal. Part of this is due to the fact that negative experiences at dealerships are often the reviews and stories that are the loudest. Rarely do we remember when a friend tells us a story about a good customer service experience, but every person can probably remember, with astoundingly good detail, the bad experiences they've received. With that said, not all dealerships are run in a way that is designed to pressure a customer into a sale. It is possible to have a car dealership that is designed to make the customer experience an overall positive one. One that doesn't play games, or put you through an entire song and dance just to get behind the wheel for a test drive.

Lucky for you, there is.

West End Nissan is the vehicle that doesn't dance around. That's why it's called the dealership with two left feet.

So what does West End Nissan do differently?

From the moment you step into the showroom at West End Nissan, you've can already feel that something is different. You won't have a tornado of four or five sales people rushing towards you for attention. You won't be constantly asked if you need help, handed a stack of business cards, or made to sit in an office while you fill out a totally useless car quiz to help you figure out what you want. Here at West End Nissan we recognize that the majority of customer that step foot in our dealership have already gotten thirty days of research under their belt. It's most like that they've already got what car their interested in picked out. Not only that, given that you can find everything you need to know about a vehicle through our vehicle reviews  and comparisions, it's likely that the customer knows as much as we do about the car.  What we like to do at West End Nissan is to get you behind the wheel of the car you're interested in right away.

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Watch Brian our General Manager talk about The Dealer with Two Left Feet

You will be approached, upon entry, yes, but politely, and by a single sales person. Each session, is a no pressure situation. We want to get you behind the wheel, that's our goal, because at the end of the day, that's the only real way you'll be able to tell whether a vehicle is right for you.  We recognize that most people despise shopping for a new vehicle, so we make it out task to expedite that process as much as possible.

Nissan vehicles are known for being vehicles that are of good quality and of good value. Vehicles like the Nissan Maxima, or the Nissan Rogue. Which is why we take a similar approach to dealing with our customers. Treating them with respect, as people rather than as dollar signs, has led to a complete overhaul in the expected culture of the automotive industry. Walking into West End Nissan isn't like your typical dealership. We create a safe space for car buyers that starts with the people employed under our roof.

Don't believe us? Come on in or book a test drive with us today!

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