What is Nissan CVT


What is a Nissan CVT System?

The way we evolve, the way we've always evolved, is through innovation and discovery.  From the creation of the wheel to the creation of the combustion engine, we've always craved ways to travel more efficiantly. To this day, that innovation has continued and propelled us into a world that thrives on technology. Never is that more present than in the current state of the automotive industry, which offers new and exciting technology almost daily.

Nissan is a brand that loves to excite. Because of that focus, it is a vehicle company that has relied heavily on innovation. You would have to be innovative if you were as versatile a brand as Nissan is. Looking at its vehicle roster; from the Juke, to the Frontier, to the GT-R, it's clear that Nissan uses its technology in a variety of ways, all to great success.

Nissan, over the last decade, has provided the world with an endless stream of incredible technology. Just take a look at the NissanConnect, or the Xtronic systems, both of which are unique within their own genres, while also doing something that goes above and beyond. Nissan has added another piece of technology to the lineup, one that continues the trend of breaking ground, while also being created to improve the overall driving experience you receive while driving a Nissan vehicle.

That technology is Nissan's CVT driving system.

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But what is Nissan's CVT Technology?

CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission, which is a system that takes the already impeccable handling that belongs to Nissan vehicles and improves upon it. CVT is an adaptable driving system that changes in accordance to current driving conditions. It does so by using optimal tuning between pulley pistons, direct control torque converter, and by reducing flow from the oil pump to produce a more efficient engine output and smoother drive.

CVT takes that excitement, that thrill that goes with every single one of Nissan's vehicles and injects a little more control as well as improving on the fuel economy. It's an intelligent system that makes driving on rough Edmonton roads easy, no matter what the driving conditions.

But is CVT engine trustworthy?

Short answer: Yes.

Through Nissan's rigorous testing practices, they have honed and crafted this system to blow away the competition, which means it has been proven reliable over and over. It's the type of driving system that not only changes how the vehicle operates, but also changes how you drive as well. Once you test out the CVT, you will never want to go back to the more archaic and simplistic driving systems of years past.  It makes driving a breeze.

It's innovation like this that makes Nissan one of the hottest and most interesting vehicle brands around Edmonton.

Come in to West End Nissan or book a test drive today to try out one of our many CVT infused vehicles!

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