2021 Nissan Sentra Interior and Cargo

2021 Nissan Sentra Interior and Cargo

2021 Nissan Sentra Interior and Cargo

The 2021 Nissan Sentra Interior, cargo, and technology upend the compact-sedan paradigm. The all-new modern interior borders on inspiring comfort and exudes space freedom.

Between the heated steering wheel, heated front seat, and remote engine start system, Sentra focuses on keeping Canadians warm using these features to drive the cold down when stepping out. It hosts the essential building blocks for personalized quality longevity and restful rides after long days.

Heated steering wheel

Your hands will stay warm during those brisk mornings and cold nights with the available heated steering wheel. Give your mittens a break.

Push Button Ignition

This innovative feature allows you to fire up your Sentra's engine without needing to fumble for a key in your pocket or handbag. Instead, with the Nissan smart key, you can get on the road with the touch of a button.

Rear Door Alert

Acts as your virtual assistant by reminding you to check your belongings left on the rear seat when you reach your destination.

Remote Engine Start System

Startup your car while you're still indoors and have those extra few mins to yourself before you step into your Sentra's warmed-up cabin ready to get going.

Dual Zone Temperature Control

Whether you or your front passenger run hot all the time and the other appreciates more warmth, with the available Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control, each of you can choose your own temperature and enjoy it.

Heated Front Seats

Meet your relaxed cruising needs with the warmth of the standard heated seats seeping through your body on those crisp, snowy days.

Sentra Premium Packages

How compelling interiors get designed. Explore our variety of new inventory, interior and exterior designs, accessories and colour options.

Vast Cargo Space

Cargo Space so unique, constructed in a way that every bit is suited to fit your load and a trunk for extra privacy.

Spacious Trunk

Simply haul all you need, with 405 litres of cargo space, broad parameters, and a low lift-over height.

Split Rear Seat

Giving and getting the space you and your loved ones deserve, Sentra accommodates more gear and a passenger by folding one side for all your adventurous endeavours.

Smart Storage

Your go-to car for comprehensive smart storage to hold your necessary equipment, devices and refreshments.


The general premise of the redesigned Sentra's interior is comfortable seats, and the leatherette options seal the deal.

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