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Why Detail My Vehicle?

Detailing your vehicle doesn't just mean making it look good for aesthetic purposes only. Sure, you always want your car to look good, sparkling like it just came off the lot, but there's more to detailing than that. Detailing helps protect your vehicle from tough road conditions, whether you're driving in the city or off-road. Because constantly changing weather conditions can do a number on your vehicle (and don't we know that enough here in Edmonton and across Alberta), detailing can help maintain its quality over the long-term period. West End Nissan offers three levels of service specifically dedicated to your Nissan vehicle, and implemented by trained professionals.


Detailing Services for Your Vehicle

Paint Health

Paint on your vehicle can get easily damaged, but appropriate cleaning, waxing and polishing can go a long way toward extending its life. Even in areas you might not think about, like under your vehicle, with the paint that protects the metal underneath, it can lead to rust and corrosion when degraded, so proper maintenance is a must.

Road Salt

Salt deposits from the road can eat away at your vehicle's paint from the wheel wells and chassis. This can lead to further damage that can cost a lot, so stay on top of road salt protection with us.

Improved Lighting

Your headlights and taillights often suffer the brunt of dirt and build-up around your vehicle and are vital for you to see the road around you. Proper detailing cleans up this filth so you won't have reduced light when you need it most in dark or hazardous weather conditions.

Interior Condition

Odours stick around, surfaces fade, while dash panels crack and discolour, so keeping your interior fresh is vital. You spend a lot of time in there and it improves the resale value, making interior maintenance a must to keep up.

Tires and Wheels

Everything from oil to brake dust to chemicals can break down your wheels and tires on the road. Detailing does a dual job of making them look good and sufficiently protected.

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