2022 Nissan Maxima - Safety

2022 Nissan Maxima - Safety

When shopping for a new vehicle, safety features and ratings play a major role in deciding which model to pick. However, when you shop through our new inventory at West End Nissan, you will be pleased to know that our Nissan vehicles come packed with the latest safety and driver-assistance features for the 2022 model year. If you are looking for a sporty yet safe sedan for your next vehicle, explore the 2022 Nissan Maxima and everything it offers. We invite you to stop by our showroom here in Edmonton, Alberta, and we can't wait to provide you with an in-depth walkthrough of the 2022 Maxima's safety offerings.

Safety Shield 360

Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection:

While driving, your Maxima will monitor your driving speed and the distance between your Nissan and the vehicle ahead to alert you when to brake. It could also automatically apply the brakes if a crash possibility or a pedestrian is detected ahead.

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    Rear Intelligent Braking:

    The Rear Intelligent Braking will scan your Maxima's rear while reversing for stationary objects to help you avoid contact.

    Blind-Spot Warning:

    Your Maxima will monitor your blind spot during your commute and alert you if a vehicle is hidden within your blind spot.

    Rear Cross-Traffic Alert:

    Backing out from a braking space can be daunting, but with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, you will receive an alert if a vehicle is approaching from either side while backing up.

    Lane Departure Warning:

    The Lane Departure Warning feature will ensure that you travel in your intended lane, and if you happen to drift out of the lane, you will receive haptic feedback through the steering wheel.

    High Beam Assist:

    The High Beam Assist improves night drive safety by automatically turning on the high beams when needed and turning them off when traffic approaches from ahead to avoid blinding them.

    Additional Available Driver Assist Features

    Intelligent Cruise Control:

    The Intelligent Cruise Control will monitor traffic flow and maintain a preset following distance from traffic ahead while on the highway to ease your daily commute.

    Intelligent Lane Intervention:

    The Intelligent Lane Intervention will monitor your driving lane on clearly labelled roads and apply slight braking pressure to recentre you back into the lane if drifting is detected.

    Intelligent Forward Collision Warning:

    The Intelligent Forward Collision Warning can monitor up to two vehicles ahead and warn you if quick deceleration is detected to help you begin braking.

    Intelligent Around View Monitor:

    The Intelligent Around View Monitor provides a 360-degree bird's eye view of what's around your Maxima and has various views for you to look at while manoeuvring around tight parking lots.

    Safety Features

    Anti-Lock Braking System:

    The ABS provides quick braking pumps to keep you in control and able to steer while avoiding locking up your wheels.

    Brake Smarter:

    The Brake Assist will consider various factors and help you stop quicker by maximizing braking force where needed.

    Traction Control System:

    If wheel spin is detected, the TCS will reduce throttle and apply braking pressure to specific wheels to maintain control.

    Confidence-Inspiring Technology:

    While driving on slippery roads, the Vehicle Dynamic Control will keep track of steering and braking while responding by reducing engine torque or applying braking pressure to specific wheels to maintain maximum control.

    Zone Body Construction:

    The impact-absorbing structures of the Maxima will provide you and your occupants with maximum safety during a crash.

    Nissan Advanced Air Bag System:

    You will remain safer in a crash in the cabin of the Maxima thanks to the dual-stage airbags, seat belts, and occupant-classification sensors.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Easy-Fill Tire Alert:

    With this feature, you will always know your Maxima's tire pressure while also having assistance to perfectly fill up your tires to the right air pressure.

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    With lots of safety and driver-assistance features to explore inside the cabin of the 2022 Maxima, we recommend booking a test drive to test out all of its great offerings, including the standard Safety Shield 360 features. We are confident that you will enjoy the Maxima, and we can't wait for you to contact us to schedule an appointment.