2022 Nissan Sentra Safety and Driver Assist

2022 Nissan Sentra Safety & Driver Assist Features

Nissan has constantly been updating its lineup's safety features with the latest offerings on the market, giving customers complete peace of mind knowing that their Nissan vehicles are loaded with safety and driver assistance features. The 2022 Nissan Sentra from our new inventory at West End Nissan is no different, featuring lots of standard and available safety and driver assistance features to keep occupants safe and informed. Contact us to book a test drive of the 2022 Sentra or inquire about having our experts walk you through this excellent model's safety features.

Safety Shield 360 Features

Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection


While commuting, your Sentra will consider your driving speed and the distance from the vehicle ahead, giving you a warning for when it's time to slow down. This system can automatically engage the brakes to mitigate or eliminate a frontal collision. Also, if this system detects a pedestrian in your way, it will stop your vehicle promptly.


Rear Automatic Braking


One of the most common ways to damage your vehicle is by backing up into an object that's not within your vision. With the standard class-exclusive RAB system, your Sentra will scan what's behind your vehicle while backing up to avoid contact with stationary objects. If it senses an object and you don't react quickly, the system will automatically apply the brakes to reduce or eliminate the risk of impact damage.


Rear Cross-Traffic Alert


Backing out from parking spaces can be stressful since you don't have a clear view of vehicles approaching from either side of your Sentra. The standard RCTA system monitors the rear of your Sentra and warms you of any cars approaching from either side.


Blind Spot Warning


The BSW system monitors your Sentra's blind spot constantly to assist you during lane changes to ensure that they are safe. With this system, you will have an additional layer of protection to keep you safe during daily commutes.



Lane Departure Warning


The LDW system keeps you protected against lane drifting, and it makes sure that you only change lanes when intended. If the system detects unintentional drifting over the driving lane's line, it will give you haptic feedback to warn you against lane veering.



High Beam Assist


While travelling at night, you can confidently turn on your high beams and not worry about blinding oncoming traffic since the Sentra comes standard with High Beam Assist. This system turns off the high beams when oncoming traffic approaches, and it turns them back on once traffic passes.

Driver Assist Technologies


Front & Overhead View


This view is ideal for parking inside a garage or to get a perfect parking position in any spot.



Rear & Curbside View


This view assists the driver in clearly seeing the curb and avoiding scratches on the wheels.



Rear & Overhead View


With this view, you will find that parallel parking is a breeze.

Intelligent Cruise Control

The available ICC system is the perfect companion for highway travel, allowing your Sentra to follow traffic flow by accelerating and braking as needed.

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

With the standard Intelligent FCW system, your Sentra will monitor the around ahead, two cars at a time to warn you against vehicles that are abruptly slowing down.

Intelligent Around View Monitor

The available Intelligent Around View Monitor is a fantastic feature to have in your Sentra, as it provides multiple camera views to make parking seamless and effortless. These camera views are accessible through the centre display, and you can choose either 360-degree bird's eye view or split-screen with close-up views of front, rear, or curbside.

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