Battery Service

​The team at Edmonton’s West End Nissan will ensure your battery operates in peak condition!

A healthy battery means a healthy vehicle

A vehicle's battery is an integral part of its performance-from actually starting the vehicle, to running all of the major systems, the health of your battery determines how efficiently your vehicle operates. To ensure you never find yourself without a radio or climate control or, worse yet, unable to start your vehicle, you should always be aware of your vehicle's battery health (especially true during Edmonton's long and persistent winter). Luckily for you, Edmonton's West End Nissan has a team of experienced factory-certified Service Technicians that can confirm the status of your battery, or any other aspect of your Nissan's condition.


How long does a car battery last?

While the lifespan of a car battery can depend on a number of factors, they generally start to see a decrease in performance after about three years. Weather conditions, the type of vehicle you drive, and your driving habits can all influence how long a battery will last. Do you park inside a heated garage? If not, do you regularly plug your vehicle in at home or at work? No matter how cautious you are a battery will generally only last about three to six years, which makes checking your battery an imperative part of getting prepared for winter-but also just a smart idea if you've owned it for three or more years.

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