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Get your brakes serviced by the professionals at West End Nissan,and keep up-to-date maintenance on one of the most important functions on your vehicle.

How Does Your Brake System Work?

Whether you're a seasoned driver or still a newbie on the streets, we all think we know how brakes work-but do we really? Sure, you press down on the pedal when you need to stop and your vehicle stops. But why does it do that? What's going on inside your vehicle to bring it to a halt? The braking system is actually a pretty simple concept, and important to know as one of the chief safety mechanisms in your vehicle. Your pedal is connected to a power booster, which uses an engine vacuum or hydraulic pump to bring the force to the master cylinder. This, in turn, moves brake fluid to each of the wheel cylinders, applying pressure to the rotors from the brake pads of each wheel to slow the vehicle down. There's a lot of work going on there, especially when you think of how many times, even on a short drive, that you brake. The brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines and more can all break down, so it's important to keep regular service on them to make sure your entire braking system is working to its fullest potential.


When Do You Need Brake Servicing?

You know brakes are important and so is keeping them maintained, but how do you know when you should come in for service, or what the signs are that you might be in need of a tune up? To be safe, brake service should be done, at minimum, every 25,000 km. Of course, if you notice anything out of place with your brakes, whether it's a weird squealing sound, a different, spongy feeling when you brake, your check engine light illuminating, or something similar, don't wait and get your brakes serviced immediately. Your brakes are exceptionally important for not only your safety, but the safety of those around you, making a quick response when you spot anything out of the norm with your braking system imperative.

Brake Service at West End Nissan in Edmonton

The risk of malfunctioning brakes is never worth it, and your friends at West End Nissan can fix whatever ails the brake system on your vehicle. Ensure your own peace of mind, or just come in for your regular brake service check, with the team of professionals at our west Edmonton dealership. You can conveniently book a service appointment online, call our service department at 780-486-1780, or come visit us in person at 18010 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5S 1N4. We're happy to serve every need of your vehicle, from brakes to batteries, to oil changes and beyond!

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