Fluid Exchange Services

A necessary step in long-term vehicle health!

Clean Fluids are Vital for Your Vehicle

They all have a well-serviced and maintained fluid system. Much like the blood in our bodies, your vehicle's fluids are integral to some of its most vital functions from safety to performance. Whether it's the lubrication ensuring your engine and transmission operate the way they were designed to, or simply the brake fluid that lets you stop, your vehicle's fluids play a starring role-and there would be no show without them.

But over time, fluids break down or evaporate leading to poor performance and vehicle damage. Clean fluids, at their proper levels, not only boost your vehicle's performance but also it's lifespan. That's where regular maintenance at West End Nissan's Fluid Exchange Service comes in.


Our Fluid Service covers the essentials

Our factory-trained service team knows Nissans inside and out. As such, we can easily assess what fluids need to be refilled or changed. This includes, but is not limited to…

Engine oil: the most important vehicle fluid, and one that indicates your vehicle's health.

Antifreeze/coolant: here in Alberta we're no strangers to wild weather fluctuations. We ensure your vehicle operates at the proper and safe temperature.

Transmission fluid: while it needs less regular attention, smooth shifting and vehicle efficiency is tied to your transmission fluid.

Brake fluid: do you like stopping? Well, the air in your brake fluid, or low levels of brake fluid, can put a halt to your brake's functions.

Air Conditioning fluid: Albertans love to complain about the heat in the summer. But without AC fluid, you can't do anything about it!

Do you need your fluids changed?

Short answer-yes. Long answer-absolutely yes. Every vehicle uses fluids in one way or another, whether it be gasoline, diesel, or even an electric or gas-hybrid. With varying timelines on when you need to have your fluids exchanged, it can be a bit of a burden knowing when something needs servicing. Luckily, West End Nissan specializes in fluid maintenance and service so you don't have to worry.

Have your vehicle fluid serviced at West End Nissan

Your Nissan will perform its best, and last far longer if you treat it well-and that includes ensuring all its fluids were refilled or replaced. If you have any questions about your Nissan, or the fluids that help it operate, give us a call and a member of the West End Nissan team would be happy to help. If you don't have any questions, other than when can I come in for a fluid exchange and service, just fill out the form below and we'll find a time that works for you.

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