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Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainable Technology at West End Nissan

As we enter the third millennium, the need for alternate and sustainable energy technology is gaining momentum. Automotive manufactures have been experimenting with various types of sustainable energy sources to help push our industry forward. Nissan Motors has not taken a back seat to this endeavor with the introduction of the Nissan TeRRA in Edmonton, AB Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). By combining hydrogen fuel cell technology with an electric drive train, Nissan has produced a zero-emissions crossover. At West End Nissan, located at 18010 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, Alberta, we pride ourselves in following the footsteps of Nissan Motors and being at the leading edge of innovation and technology. Providing these concepts to automotive consumers in St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Devon, Stony Plain, and Fort Saskatchewan has also been our pleasure.

We have seen the rise of electric vehicle popularity in the last decade, however, forget to remember that fuel-cell technology has pushed the boundaries of zero-emissions technology for over three decades. Though not commercially available yet, fuel-cell technology is an alternative to electric technology with the hopes of providing sustainable mobility. In the case of the Nissan TeRRA, we have decided to utilize both technologies in one package.

Zero Emissions and Four Wheel Drive

As a part of Nissan Future and Concept Cars, the TeRRA concept crosses a new threshold of zero-emissions technology. An electric powertrain borrowed from the tried, tested, and #1 selling electric vehicle worldwide the Nissan Leaf paired with in-wheel motors in each rear wheel provides a four-wheel-drive vehicle with amazing capabilities. Nissan's proprietary hydrogen fuel cell fills the engine bay with a world-leading power density of 2.5kW/L. Performance and range numbers are currently unavailable and will be updated as information is received.

Zero Emissions: Save the Environment, Enjoy the Thrill of Driving

The unique exterior of the Nissan TeRRA sets it apart from anything else in the automotive landscape. With conventional front doors and rear-hinged rear doors offer easy access to the spacious and welcoming interior. Design cues are similar to our popular Nissan Juke; however, Nissan has enlarged body panels to generate a more rugged appearance.

The interior use of wood and metal creates a feeling of warmth and hominess that adds value to the cabins ultra-modern feel. The distinctive diagonal seating puts the driver nearly front and centre and places the passenger slightly back and right. However, the rear seats are set up in a similar fashion, but not directly placed behind the front seats. This design creates an unobstructed view for rear-seat passengers. The three passenger seats are also designed to fold completely flat, leaving plenty of space for any cargo you may need to haul. Exterior and interior specifications are still in their concept stages and may/will change once ready for production.

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Technological advancements are in a constant state of change, and its no different with the Nissan TeRRA in Edmonton, AB. That's why we invite you to complete our inquiry form below to receive up to date information regarding new news about our Nissan vehicles. This will also help our courteous product specialists answer any outstanding questions you may have and provide you the West End Nissan Experience.

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