How to Change Battery in Nissan Fob

How to Change Battery in Nissan Fob

How To Change Battery in A Nissan Fob


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How to Change Battery in Nissan Fob 

Type Of Battery Used For Nissan Key Fobs


When replacing your Nissan key fob battery, ensure that you source a high-quality replacement that is compatible with the fob to ensure proper function and long-lasting operation. Since your key fob battery uses a small amount of charge to perform its functions, a good brand battery will last you much longer than a generic battery. Most Nissan key fobs use a CR2025 battery readily available in most stores, but you can also visit our dealership to source an OEM battery replacement from our Parts Centre.


Step-By-Step For Key Fob Battery Replacement


  • Remove any key chains or hidden keys from your Nissan key fob.
  • Locate a slit in the key fob housing and gently open the housing.
  • Once the key fob opens, you will see the battery and its orientation.
  • Remove the battery with care, ensuring no damage to any components.
  • Snap the new battery in place, but make sure not to reverse the battery's polarity.
  • Click the key fob housing back together and test the fob.


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