How To Change Your Brake Fluid?

How To Change Your Brake Fluid?

How To Change Your Brake Fluid? 

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Step By Step How To Change Brake Fluid


  • Remove old fluid from the master cylinder reservoir, which can be done using a turkey baster.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the reservoir clean of any contaminants if possible.
  • Add brake fluid that’s fresh from a brand new bottle until it reaches the full indicator on the reservoir, and install the cap back on.
  • Begin the brake bleeding procedure to get the old fluid from the brake lines, which requires the vehicle’s all four wheels off.
  • Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the brake bleeding procedure may vary. However, you will generally need someone inside the vehicle to build brake pressure by pressing the brake pedal and holding it down, while the second person will open the caliper’s brake bleeder to let out some fluid.
  • Follow the order that’s specified for your vehicle, and continue to repeat the previous step until fresh brake fluid comes out from the bleeder screw.
  • Once all four corners are done correctly, check for any leaks, and if everything is good, reinstall the wheels back on and carefully test drive the vehicle at low speeds. (If the brake pedal still feels soft, don’t attempt to put the vehicle in gear and take it in for service)


Importance Of Brake Fluid & Vehicle Maintenance


Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is a great way to remain safe on the road, and a service that’s often overlooked is brake fluid flushes. Once air or water contaminant brake fluid, they reduce the brake fluid’s boiling point, resulting in reduced braking power. You will want to follow your model’s owner’s manual to find the intervals that indicate when brake fluid should be replaced, and don’t forget to check other fluids’ intervals.


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If your vehicle has a soft brake pedal, a simple brake fluid flush can sometimes solve your problem and restore braking performance. Contact us if you wish to have our Service Centre take care of your vehicle, and you can also check out the latest models in our new inventory.


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