How To Use Remote Start Your Nissan Rogue

How To Use Remote Start Your Nissan Rogue

How To Use Remote Start Your Nissan Rogue 

Remote start is one of the most convenient features available on automobiles, especially in Canadians cold climate. Who wouldn't love having their vehicle warmed up and cozy while temperatures are in the negatives? Whether you're looking to defog your windshield, thaw, or even have your vehicle cool, remote start is the best solution.


At West End Nissan, we can provide both factory and aftermarket remote start options, and our service centre can help to have them installed. Or you are welcome to choose a vehicle from our new vehicle inventory and have one installed before you take your Nissan home. Let's learn more about how remote start works.


Step by Step Guide


  1. Make sure you can see your vehicle
  2. The vehicle needs to be locked, so make sure to press the lock button
  3. Press and hold the remote start button within five seconds
  4. If done correctly, you will notice the engine start and parking lights turn on
  5. If you don’t go to your vehicle, it will shut off in ten minutes unless an extension is performed


Remote Start Extension


When you purchase a new 2021 Nissan Rogue with remote start, you can extend the duration before it shuts off after ten minutes. The extension can be performed anytime into the initial start and will then extend for another ten minutes from that point. There is a simple way to enact it; all you need to do is repeat steps two and three from above.


If Remote Start Doesn’t Work


If for some reason, your remote start doesn't work, you may need to bring it into our service department and have it inspected. Our trained technicians will work tirelessly to figure out the problem. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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