The 370z, a fresh take on the modern sports car, has been a huge hit for Nissan since its conception. It's a vehicle that is exhilarating, which is exactly how Nissan likes it. It's a mix of athletic design and posh exterior and interior that gives you a fully realized roadster for the new age. The 370z is innovation that excites.
Mazda MX-5
Subaru BR-Z

The Altima, designed with bold and innovative ideas, is a sedan that Nissan has put at the forefront of their vehicles. Still, it's not quite the figurehead vehicle, but that's thanks to Nissan's versatility. They're unwilling to be pigeonholed. And the Altima is no different, with a unique design and impressive craftsmanship.
Honda Accord

Frontier offers more value than the Canyon for its initial trim levels.
GMC Canyon

The Juke is a vehicle that excites, both by physically being different than anything else on the road, and by being highly intelligent and adaptive.
Jeep Renegade

The Nissan Maxima is a sedan that oozes excitement and thrills. The excitement in the Maxima is represented most clearly in its superb performance and capability, far and above what the Accord can muster.
Honda Accord

The Micra is a taller, slimmer build, like an NBA star in the prime of his career.
Mitsubishi Mirage

Sitting high in Nissan NV200's driver's seat, cruising through Edmonton's busy downtown streets, it is easy to see why so many would make this their first choice for a utility vehicle. Nissan isn't the only manufacturer to bring this type of vehicle to the market, though for an import it seems to be dominating the American platform.
Ford Transit Connect
Ram ProMaster

The Nissan Rogue is spacious, fuel-efficient, and designed to meet your every need.

Dodge Journey
Hyundai Tucson

Mitsubishi RVR

The 2019 Nissan Titan is a unique pickup option that can suit any desire.
Ford F-150
Toyota Tundra