Nissan Connect - Safety Features

Nissan Connect - Safety Features

Technology has become an everyday part of our lives, whether it's us using our smartphones or browsing the internet, or trading stocks from an app. As consumers, we have become reliant on technology to make our lives safer, easier, and more fun. Nissan has jumped on the push to deliver some of the best in-vehicle technologies available with the formation of NissanConnect. With NissanConnect, you are connected to your vehicle in a way that could not be imagined 20 years ago. By utilizing the Nissan Connect App, you can use your vehicle as if you were inside it. At West End Nissan, we are excited about all this great technology and are proud to feature a great lineup of vehicles that have it as available equipment. Continue reading to learn how these technologies help to keep you safe while out on a journey.

Automatic Collision Notification

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a collision and your Nissan's airbags deploy, these features will be able to connect you through a hands-free voice call to a Response Specialist who will assess the situation and dispatch emergency services as required.

Emergency Calling

If at any time you feel like there is an emergency, need help, or are in an accident where the airbags don't deploy, just reach for the SOS button on your Nissan and get connected right away. You will be able to speak to a live Response Specialist via a hands-free voice call.

Roadside Assistance Service

We've all been there, a flat tire, need a tow, or ran out of fuel. Luckily, all you need to do with Nissan roadside assistance is touch the headset icon on your NissanConnect screen to access the voice menu. Then proceed to say "Roadside Assistance" You will then immediately be connected to an agent who will dispatch towing or a third party service to help you.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

No one wants to walk out to their vehicle and not find it there. The feeling of having your vehicle stolen is probably sometimes everyone wants to avoid. However, with NissanConnect, our sophisticated tracking technology coupled with Stolen Vehicle Locator will allow us to pinpoint your vehicle's location. The police will also be privy to the information and will help in recovering it. Please contact us for more information.

In-vehicle Messaging

As the rules of distracted driving have become more strict and for a good reason. It's great to have a built-in in-vehicle messaging system that will not notify you of any announcements, malfunction alerts, and much more through the NissanConnect messaging feature.

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