Nissan LEAF FAQs

Nissan LEAF FAQs

The Nissan LEAF from our new inventory at West End Nissan is the perfect option for anyone looking for a sustainable method of transportation. We invite you to visit our showroom to get a closer look at the Nissan LEAF, ask our experts any questions about it, and book a test drive to experience its many offerings firsthand.





Does using heat or air conditioning reduce the driving range?


You can warm up or cool down your Nissan LEAF while it's plugged in for charging, but if you choose to do so while driving, you should expect a slight decrease in driving range.


Can I charge the Nissan LEAF in public stations?


Yes, many public stations allow you to recharge your Nissan LEAF but keep your charging plug in your LEAF to use those charging stations.


What are the different charging levels available for the Nissan LEAF?


You can charge the Nissan LEAF in various ways, including Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers. Your Nissan LEAF's charging rate will vary depending on which method you use. The Level 1 120-volt charger is available in all homes, while some can have 240-volt outlets for Level 2 charging. Although those are adequate, a DC fast charger can get up to 80% power in around 40 minutes.


How far can I drive with a fully charged Nissan LEAF?


With a fully charged Nissan LEAF, you can expect a total driving range of around 363 kilometres. However, various factors can affect the driving range, making it important to adopt good driving habits to maximize the range.


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