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Nissan excelling and growing

Over the last 15 years Nissan has grown to be one of the most reputable vehicle manufacturers in North America. Excelling and overtaking other Japanese competitors such as Mazda in factors such as durability, resale value, fuel economy, and more are just a few reasons why we will continue to see Nissan excel and grow in our market. Today we will be focusing on one of Nissan's greatest innovations being featured on various new Nissan models for sale in Edmonton today such as 2015 Nissan Rogue and 2015 Nissan Sentra.
This innovation branded as the Nissan Safety Shield is a combination of various visible and invisible technologies working together to achieve the same goal; keeping you and your passengers safe at all times while driving. These technologies are designed to work in a simple but incredibly effective three tiered system, Monitor, Respond, Protect. These technologies act as a bubble and as the hazard gets closer to the vehicle they become increasingly more defensive in protective measures.
Before going into detail it should be noted that not all of these technologies are standard on very new Nissan model yet and vary between packages, so we recommend confirming which ones are present online or by speaking to a sales consultant if you are looking to purchase a new Nissan in Edmonton that will deliver the highest level of safety of any other vehicle manufacturer.
Monitor Your Environment
The first tier in the Nissan Safety Shield, Monitor, is designed to monitor the external environment to make you aware of any obstacles or hindrances that may lead to an accident or potential damage. This includes the Nissan Around View Monitor which creates a bird's eye view of your Nissan and displays it on an LCD screen located inside the vehicle, making parking and reversing much easier. In addition to this bird's eye view is also the Lane Departure Warning System which senses when a driver is drifting out of a lane and creates an audible signal to alert them, Blide Spot Warning which will detect if a vehicle is in your blind spot and cause a warning light to appear, as well as create an audible signal if the driver turns on their signal light while this warning light is on. For those who have not experienced these features a favorite for many drivers is the now more commonly occurring Blind Spot Warning system making vehicles such as the Nissan Rogue in Edmonton crossover SUV much easier to navigate with and giving the driver much more confidence on the road. The monitor system does also feature a RearView Monitor, Tire Pressure Monitoring system, and Moving Object detection to complete the full sensory package.

Respond to Potentially Dangerous Situations
The next tier in the Nissan Safety Shield, Respond, arms you with everything you need to respond to potentially dangerous situations. Unlike the Monitor system the Respond elements operate behind the scenes to keep you and your family safe while driving, you will be unaware of them for the majority of the time until you need it most. Comprised of four main components such as Vehicle Dynamic control, which detects sudden over or under steer and reduces engine power or brakes individual tires to help you regain control, a Traction Control System which senses drive-wheel spin to help maintain traction, Anti-Lock Braking System which automatically pumps the brakes to prevent locking of wheels, and finally Electronic Brake Force Distribution which can send extra force to the rear brakes if it detects additional weight in the back.
Protect You and Your Passengers
Finally the last line of defense in the Nissan Safety Shield is Protect. When a collision is fully unavoidable this is the last of the unseen elements which protect passengers. Comprised of Nissan's Zone Body Construction, seat belt, and air bag systems it has received incredibly high ratings in real world crash tests. The Zone Body Construction is designed to feature specific crumple points that absorb impacts and energy before it reaches the passengers in the vehicle cabin. The advanced airbag system uses seatbelt sensors and an occupant classification system to inflate the dual stage airbags according to severity and seat belt use. Finally active head restraints reduce the chance of whiplash and a LATCH system for child safety tethers without using seat belts or a locking chip.

With this combination of designs and technologies working in unison to protect you, your vehicle, and your passengers it is no wonder that Nissan has been accredited for leading the pack in vehicle safety technologies. With many new technologies already in development for the future we can expect to see all of these current designs being made standard on all new Nissan models one day. With a continued promise to deliver a safe and comfortable drive that is not only fuel efficient but incredibly fun we will continue to see more Nissans on the road until other manufacturers start to catch up.
If you are interested in finding out more about Nissan today or test driving a new or used Nissan in Edmonton today feel free to call or email the staff at West End Nissan who will be able to find you the perfect new or used Nissan car, truck, or SUV to take home and put on your driveway today.

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