Oil Change Service

Getting your oil changed at West End Nissan means getting it done right, every time, by our certified technicians!

What is the Role of Engine Oil?

The engine in your vehicle consists of a lot of parts. A lot of parts that often need to be in motion in order for your engine to work to the best of its ability, and to get you where you need to go. That's a lot of hard work on these parts, and a lot of rubbing against each other under the hood. Engine oil provides the lubrication for these parts, ensuring that all of them move as they should and your engine continues to run properly. If we boil it down further, we can separate engine oil's key functions into three areas. First, is what we just talked about, keeping the engine lubricated. Second, engines get really hot and engine oil works to draw this heat away from the combustion chamber. Lastly, it helps prevent buildup of both carbon and varnish in the engine, effectively extending its life. Simply put, engine oil is vital to your vehicle and so is its continual service.


Why Do I Need To Change My Vehicle's Oil?

Unfortunately, engine oil doesn't last forever, and you need to be constantly on top of its health and levels in your vehicle. It's hot inside your engine, meaning oil gets broken down and thus becomes less effective than it originally was. This means less lubrication and more friction, which subsequently introduces more heat on your engine, which can in turn lead to drops in performance-or worse, damage. As well, if you don't consistently change your engine oil, carbon deposit sludge can build up in the engine's cooler sections. This can lead to lengthy repairs, ones that could've been avoided with just a single oil change.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Best practices suggest you should change your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 km for most vehicles. In Canada, a general guideline sees drivers often get their oil changed in the fall and spring, to combat the incoming major temperature changes. These aren't necessarily exact measures, though, as a number of factors go into determining when the best time is for your specific vehicle. Factors like weather, or difficult terrain conditions, are important variables in how often you need to come in for an oil change, with these elements adding stress to your vehicle. The type of vehicle you drive is also important in determining the frequency of oil changes, and here at West End Nissan we can help you figure out what works best.

Oil Change Service at West End Nissan in Edmonton

If you've read above and realize your vehicle is due for an oil change, our service team at West End Nissan can get the job done for you. Contact our dealership at 780-486-1780, or come visit us at 18010 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5S 1N4, to get your new or used vehicle in for an oil change.