Why choose a Nissan EV

Why Choose a Nissan Electric Vehicle in Edmonton, AB

Why Choose A Nissan EV

At West End Nissan, we stock a new inventory of excellent Nissan EV models, giving you emission-free commuting and Nissan's beloved performance. Make sure to visit our showroom at your earliest convenience and explore the new Nissan EV models in more depth with the help of our friendly experts.

Enhanced Performance

As you would expect from a Nissan, the new EV models provide superior performance. However, you can expect a Nissan EV to provide instant off-the-line torque while regenerative braking helps you maximize the driving range. Also, since Nissan EV models don't use traditional gearboxes, acceleration is quicker and has no delay.

Long EV History

Nissan has led the EV movement since 1947 with the introduction of the TAMA, which was soon followed by compact four-door two years after. However, it was in 2000 that the Hypermini was revealed in Montreal and supported drivers in Japan with a top speed of 100 km/h and an electric range of 115 kilometres. Although those older Nissan EVs set the start for an electrified Nissan lineup, the Nissan LEAF sets the standard of electric vehicles nowadays, followed shortly after by the all-new Nissan ARIYA that's changing the industry.

Nationwide Support

Another reason to choose a Nissan EV over the competition is access to complete support across Canada with over 100 dealerships with EV experts at each location. Besides having EV technicians support your Nissan EV ownership, you can always stop by a Nissan dealership with your Nissan EV to charge fast and free.

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With a long history of electric vehicle production, wide nationwide support, and more performance than ever before, driving a Nissan EV eliminates compromising. Contact us today to learn more about the available Nissan EV models and why you should choose one to support your daily commute.

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