Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips


At West End Nissan, we have an array of services to support vehicle ownership and offer the latest models from Nissan, making our dealership the go-to place for all automotive needs. Whether you need to get your vehicle ready for winter or want to learn more about helpful tips for navigating your commute, we have you covered. Visit our showroom today and enlist the help of our customers in enjoying a safe winter season.


Winter Driving Tips 

Plan Your Route & Drive According To Conditions


Planning your route and checking the weather reports before heading out on your drives in winter is a great way to avoid running into dangerous driving situations. However, if you find yourself driving through challenging road or weather conditions, adjust your driving speed and take extra caution to avoid an accident.


Install Winter Tires & Replace Wiper Blades


To enjoy a safe commute during winter, you will want to prepare your vehicle for the driving conditions, which includes installing winter tires and replacing the wiper blades. However, you must inspect the condition of your winter tires to fully take advantage of their capabilities and consider opting for a winter-specific set of wiper blades for optimal windshield visibility.


Clear Your Vehicle Before Drives


Before you set off on your drives in winter, clear any snow or ice that might have accumulated on your vehicle as it was parked, ensuring that you and others on the road remain safe. A few issues of driving without clearing your vehicle include not having proper visibility and chunks of ice flying off your vehicle, leaving you liable for damages.


Pack An Emergency Kit


Nothing is worse than having an emergency during winter, leaving you on the road in the cold. To ensure you are prepared for anything you might encounter during your commute, pack an emergency kit with items such as water, a flashlight, basic tools, a blanket, and anything useful.


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