Nissan End of Lease Options - Frequently Asked Questions

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Nissan End of Lease Options - Frequently Asked Questions

So you've been enjoying your Nissan vehicle for the last three to five years. You chose to lease because you enjoy the flexibility of obtaining a new vehicle on a regular cycle. Time has now come to return your Nissan and get behind the wheel of another one. There is a simple and straightforward process that needs to be followed to return your vehicle to us.

Generally, you have three options when your current lease is up, you can purchase the vehicle, you can lease or purchase another vehicle, or you can return it. Below you will find some other frequently asked questions our finance centre receives.

1. How can I obtain the payout information on my maturing lease?

It's very simple to obtain your payout information; just log into Nissan Finance Account Manager, or you may contact your local dealer to find out more.

2. When do I have to return my vehicle?

Your vehicle is required to be returned at the end of your lease term. This information can be found on your lease agreement or by calling your local dealership.

3. When will I receive my security deposit refund?

You will receive your security deposit within 15 business days from the date NCF generates your liability statement. The liability statement is produced 21 days after the dealer receives your vehicle, or proof of certified funds for its purchase is provided.

4. What does it mean to "Ground" a vehicle?

When your leased vehicle is returned, the dealership will notify NCF via an internal online portal. This process is known as grounding; once your vehicle is grounded, you will receive an official receipt with pertinent return information.

5. How can I access my condition report once I have received my liability statement?

Visit go to LOGIN, and Get Condition Report. You will need your 8 digit account number and vehicle's VIN number. The report will give you access to pictures and any damage to your vehicle. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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