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Leasing VS Buying A New Car in Edmonton Alberta

Acquiring a car is a long and arduous venture. A process filled with research and conversations that often lead your brain feeling like it has melted from exhaustion. There's a lot of choices and a lot of decisions to be made when approaching new car acquisition, enough decisions that it feels bottomless, almost infinite. But after all that work, it's worth it when you leave the lot driving something that makes you happy, something you can be proud of. Among these many decisions is the important choice as to whether you choose to buy or lease a vehicle. I'm here to guide you to that decision, laying out reasons and then benefits of each. West End Nissan wants to help you understand the differences and the benefits between leasing and buying a new car in Edmonton AB.

Let's talking about leasing. The benefits that is.

Commitment can be a terrifying thing. There's something inherently scary about tying yourself, your name, your wallet, your body, mind, and soul, for a lengthy period of time. When it comes to leasing, you are offered the benefits of owning a brand new car with the luxury of not having to commit. With leasing, you're not locked into a large chunk investment like you are with purchasing a new vehicle. Say you've got a brand new Nissan Z Nismo and you want something with a little more juice. You can upgrade to the Nissan GT-R without much hassle.

With leasing, you're free.

With that freedom, comes a sort of excitement. Like the tick of the arms of a clock, when the clock strikes midnight, you are offered a reprieve. A chance at change. A new day is upon you. The moment you are sick of a vehicle. With leasing, there's no such thing as buyer's remorse. It's none existent. With leasing, there's never a dull moment.

Let's talk about money for a second.

Most people are unaware that leasing can actually save you money. You're allowed to write off a lease on your taxes. Not to mention, there's the matter of negative equity you collect when buying a new car. There is no depreciation to worry about. You don't have to deal with resell value. When it comes time that your lease is up or that you want a new vehicle, there is no hassle, you just go on and pick another one and it's all yours.


Let's talk about the benefits of buying.


There are few feelings greater than the feeling of ownership. Having something belong to you, to be yours, is a special feeling that can't be replicated. Walking off that lot, with a brand new car, a car that is all yours and yours only makes you feel like a million bucks. Something leasing a vehicle cannot give you.

Summary: Learn more about Financing and Leasing Options


We talked about how cost efficient leasing is, but at the end of the day, you walk away with nothing. Sure, there's a certain relief, and relaxed feeling of that kind of agreement, but when purchasing a car, you get an investment. Despite the depreciation, at the end of the day, when you want to sell your vehicle, you can. You walk away with a return opposed to empty handed.


Another benefit of buying a car is the ability to personalize it. To make it yours. To freely upgrade the vehicle to suit your needs. With a lease, you cannot. It is your job, your responsibility to leave the vehicle exactly in the shape you picked it up in. That means no engine upgrades, no sound upgrades, nothing.


There may be a certain freedom with leasing, but with buying, your possibilities are endless.


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