Nissan Altima Check Engine Light Codes

Nissan Altima Check Engine Light Codes

Nissan Altima Check Engine Light Codes 

If your check engine light turns on, it can be not very comforting, and typically a bunch of different scenarios start running through your head. That little light can be a source of stress and anguish, but just remember it should not cause you to fear. The CEL can be diagnosed and repaired quite quickly and, in some cases, can be an easy fix. You may have the term DTC (diagnostic trouble codes); they are another term for a check engine light and helps to pinpoint exactly what’s gone wrong. The most common reasons for a DTC to engage the check engine light are below:


  1. Emissions related devices
  2. Ignition faults
  3. ECU malfunction
  4. Defective spark plugs
  5. O2 Sensor
  6. Transmission problem
  7. Gas cap no properly tightened
  8. Old battery


If for any reason you see a check engine light don’t hesitate to contact our service centre, and they will be more than happy to help.


Nissan Altima Check Engine Light


If the check engine light illuminates on your Nissan Altima, don’t worry but make sure to bring it to us so we can help you remedy the problem. Depending on the issue, it could cause more damage to your vehicle if you continue to drive it. The Altima, like other new vehicles, is equipped with an abundance of electronics; many see this as a negative. However, this actually makes it easier to diagnose.


What could cause the check engine light to come on in a Nissan Altima?


There are many reasons why a check engine light may come on, but we are happy to cover some of the most frequent causes.


Aftermarket parts can be a cause of check engine lights. In some cases, aftermarket parts are not designed to completely calibrate with your Nissan Altima. If your ECU senses something is off, it will trigger the light. Obtaining parts and accessories that are designed and engineered to be compatible with your Altima are essential. There is no better place to obtain them than our parts centre. The most frequent causes for CEL are in the previous paragraphs.


Nissan Altima Check Engine Light Flashing


There are not many reasons why a CEL will flash, but it is different with every vehicle. It is best to bring in your Altima and have our trained technicians diagnose it.


What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?


Typically when a CEL light illuminates, it means that one of the various sensors in your vehicle has detected something is wrong and sends an alarm to the ECU, which in turn triggers your CEL light on the dash.


Is it safe to drive your Nissan Altima with the check engine light on?


Depending on the issue, you are able to continue to drive on your check engine light; however, keep in mind that you may also do everlasting damage if you continue without having it inspected. Spending a little bit of money now can prevent paying more down the road. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.


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